Empowering children with special needs since 1958

Autism Awareness RibbonThe Allen School serves children, from birth to 5, diagnosed with conditions including various intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism, Down's Syndrome, epilepsy and other developmental delays. The school staff is dedicated to providing the perfect balance of education and inspiration. A combination of early childhood professionals and special education teachers, work together with physical, speech, and occupational therapists to tailor programs that maximize each child's potential.


Our Philosophy

The Allen School is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of children with special needs in a loving atmosphere. Our program is based on the simple belief that children with handicaps are children first and their potential is ours to discover. We help each child to reach their potential by providing opportunities and activities that are tailored for individual skill levels. We believe this is best accomplished when therapies are incorporated into daily activities. At The Allen School, we give a child the chance to say, "Yes, I can!"


down syndrome awareness 2Our Mission

Our mission is to provide early intervention to children with special needs so that they may maximize their potential. By the time a child reaches the appropriate age for kindergarten The Allen School will:

  • create and implement an ongoing early intervention plan specifically designed for each child that will ensure appropriate educational placement by the time he or she is kindergarten eligible.
  • empower families with tools to be strong advocates for their child with special needs
  • offer opportunities for interaction with children who have special needs to promote community awareness.
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