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Our Therapies


Physical therapy is provided by staff physical therapists after an initial evaluation and screening. Treatment is provided in range-of-motion, neurodevelopment treatment, muscle strengthening, balance and coordination skills, gait training, body awareness and sensory integration. The objective is to maximize each child's potential and prevent progressive disabilities from occurring.



Occupational therapy is provided by our occupational therapists through evaluation, screening and treatment of deficits in: sensory integration, visual-perceptual motor, head and body control, strength, tolerance, range-of-motion, feeding and locomotion.



Speech therapy services include evaluation/diagnosis, screening and treatment of speech (articulation, fluency, voice); language (receptive/expressive); augmentative communication; related skills (chewing, sucking, swallowing, control of oral mechanism, cognitive skills); and hearing.


Each student at The Allen School is enrolled in a program that has been individually tailored to maximize his or her potential. Our early childhood teachers, special education teachers and paraprofessionals work closely with physical, speech and occupatioanl therapist to develop a program that incorporates the perfect balance of education and inspiration.


Interested in the specific therapies offered at The Allen School? Click any article below to learn more.

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

High / Scope Curriculum  Socialization

Training and Reinforcement Program (STAR)

Beckman Oral Motor Assessment

Handwriting Without Tears

Augmentative Communication

Therapeutic Listening

Wilbarger Brushing Protocol



We offer a room a very special room where a child can come and enjoy a calming, sensory friendly experience.

This room contains a 5 foot tall bubble light with cycling light colors, a fiberoptic sensory light, a light table with glowing toys, a rotating projector which projects anything from outer space to an aquarium onto the walls, and black walls to enhance the color and overall experience of the lights.

See pictures below.

visual stim 1 png

visual stim 2 png

visual stim 3 png

visual stim 4 png