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 newsletter September 2017





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Little Rock, AR, January 5, 2017: On Saturday, Jan 7, at 10 A.M the HarvestFest Committee presented a “big check” to Suzy Benham of The Allen School. Address 824 N. Tyler Street. The event, held October 22, 2016, drew an estimated crowd of 15,000 people.

Co-chairs of HarvestFest 2016, Jessica Davis and Tippi McCullough, and other members of the HarvestFest Committee of Hillcrest Merchants Association presented the check for $10,000 to Suzy Benham, Executive Director of The Allen School. School board members and parents of the School board members and parents of the school’s children assisted as volunteers during the HarvestFest events.

big check group pic cropped harvestfest 2016







The Allen School has many more events planned in the coming months.

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New Playground Installed


This playground equipment is specifically designed for children 2-5 years old who might have mobility challenges.

  • The angles of the ramps, slides and climbing walls are less steep.

  • The equipment itself is lower to the ground than standard equipment.

  • Our swing set (pictured in the background of the first picture) is equipped with a low-mobility swing which has a high back and 3 point hard plastic harness.

  • We also have a wheelchair swing with ramps like wings which unfold to allow a child confined to a wheelchair (with a teacher's assistance of course) to roll onto the swing, lock the wheels and swing freely.

  • The floor of the playground is a 3 inch thick rubberized foam under an artificial grass-like turf to provide safety and the feel of the outdoors. 


Every Friday in the summer (weather permitting), we put out sprinklers and water toys for the children and open the playground up for

Water Play Day!













The new playground is a hit!!


 IMG 2404IMG 2445

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